Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Patterns for Summer

Where, oh where, did summer go?
Here it is the end of August already!
I did manage to complete patterns for July and August in spite of home reno's and vacation time (just didn't get around to blogging about them) and  here they are...
 The first one is called "Churndash Chains".
It measures about 60" x 60" and uses only four fabrics.
The blocks are arranged to give the illusion of interlocking churndash blocks.
Super easy!
The second one is called "Sunrise, Sunset"
It measures about 57" x 57" and uses four fabric combinations--
blue/purple, green/grey, orange/red,and gold/cream,
accented with the rich black fabrics that I love.
The stars are fusible appliqué.
I'll be posting them on my website tomorrow
and they'll also be ready for instant download at www.patternspot.com at that time.
Hope you like them!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Pattern for June

Way back in January, I set a goal for myself to introduce a new pattern to you every month this year.
Well, I just managed to squeak this one in before the end of this month!
Here it is.... (drumroll please)
It's called "Harvest Dance" because I made it with all those gorgeous fall colours--
red, green, gold, orange, rust, brown--
which I just love!
Then I added some sunflowers and stars and berries with fusible appliqué.
The quilt measures 48" x 48", which isn't a huge project.
So, if you feel like making a quilt for fall, now would be the time to get started!
(Even though I don't like to think about summer being over, just yet!)
The pattern's available on my website, www.countryquilts.ca now so come on over!
And while you're there, check out the finished items I'm selling--
just click on the "Stuff for Sale" button on the left side of the page.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Pattern

So here's my latest!
What do you think?
It's called "Pineapple Squares"
and measures 64" square.
I love scrappy quilts, don't you?
The little squares measure 1" after they're sewn together.
Here's a close-up of some of the exquisite custom quilting by 
Deb Sanderson of Surrey, BC.
And another one.
You've got to see the back!
Isn't it a work of art?

The pattern is now available on my website.
Hope you like it!

Friday, April 4, 2014

New Pattern for April

So who's ready for spring?
It can never come soon enough for me!
To celebrate its faithful return, I'm offering a new pattern, "Garden Blooms".
It measures 56" x 56" and features a large flower medallion in the center.
It's actually so new, I'm just putting the finishing touches on the pattern today, but it will be available for sale on the New Patterns page of my website, www.countryquilts.ca, within an hour or two!
Hope you like it!
Merry, merry spring, everyone!